Interval [minutes]:
Include Pop'z data (Jan 2010 - Sep 2014, weekly max players and servers)
Include corrupt data (caused by website malfunctions etc)
Show data changes (instead of absolute data)

About the statistics:
All times are GMT+2. Please excuse if the website loads very slowly sometimes, super-cheap OVH servers tend to get slow during european nighttime.
Update 3: Added a more comfortable settings form and access to yet secret functions.
Update 2: I included Popz' data now (all credits for pre-2015 data go to him). The numbers are actually the maximum numbers for one week,
consider this when comparing it with the new data. It can be toggled on and off below the graph.
Unfortunately I dont know any way to get the data between Sep 2014 and Jun 2015. If you know one, tell me please ;)
Also changed the default mode to daily data (quick and dirty)
Update: All data can now be organized on a daily base: daily min/max/avg
This should be an alternative to Popz former (currently offline) player statistics. Maybe Ill add his data of the past years to this later
The website automatically reads the online players/servers and forum stats from the SA-MP website every 15 minutes, running since 10.06.2015.
Use the mouse to select an area to zoom into.
Raw data is freely available on request.
For questions contact me (Mauzen) via forums

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